1. Zhebag says

    Figures a drooling cretin such as yourself would be a fan of the most ridiculously scripted, fake, meatheaded alleged sporting endeavor this side of Nacho Libre-style “wrestling”. Or is this just some constructed man-of-the-people trumped up preference like HW’s fried pork rind fantasmorgical appetites?

  2. fastlane says

    I’m not a collector of football trivia, but when was the last time we could say the Lions are undefeated!?!

  3. Martin says

    Football? You mean real football that is played around the world? Or perhaps rugby football (another international sport). But you probably mean that made for TV “game”, which should properly be called “Handegg”.

    I have a great deal of trouble watching a game with one hour of playing time that’s decided in three hours. That is so fuckin boring…no wonder the fans drink themselves stupider with love-in-a-canoe beer and raise their blood pressure with salty pork rinds (‘cos the game sure ain’t gonna do it).

    And I haven’t even started on the zebras, taking up almost as much space as one side…sheesh.

    I’d rather watch the grass grow…except I can’t because it’s fuckin astroturf.

  4. rork says

    Pointless entertainment to consume, another opiate of idiot america. We wouldn’t wanna actually DO something as a hobby or pass time, oh no.

  5. shoeguy says

    A person who neither understands or loves football cannot be trusted. As far as the game the rest of the world calls “football”, I prefer to call it girly kick ball. Call me if anyone ever scores.

  6. Martin says


    I’d love to see the overarmoured girlymen of American Rules Rugby Football (or handegg as it is known by the civilized) actually play for longer than one minute at a time. What? They all smoke 4 packs a day and their steroid “enhanced” bodies have no endurance? Why, when they lose/gain ball possession the team is swapped out for a completely different team. One can’t help but notice the outgoing team sucking down oxygen like a bunch of emphysema raddled patients. Athleticism at its very best. Sheesh. Try a continuous action sport like football, Rugby football, or (for real manly men) Australian Rules Rugby Football.

    As to scoring: Last two days in English Premier league there were 10 matches and 40 goals. Plenty of action even for the most love-in-a-canoe “beer” addled spectator.

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