1. says

    Don’t like greedy, grubbing, lazy post-docs? Don’t hire them. Do the job yourself. Or, go on the open market and hire a real, professional lab technician at market salary, regular working hours and mandated vacation and overtime rules.

    See, that wasn’t so hard, no was it?

  2. Midnight Rambler says

    Yes we do. And in return, PIs exploit postdocs’ willingness to work 14-hour days, 7 days a week in order that some day, eventually, they might eventually be able to get a semi-stable job, instead of being a 40 year old who still has only enough belongs to fit in a van because they have to move across the country every year.

  3. aspidoscelis says

    This post is why I find CPP execrable. Don’t like post-docs? Do your own damn work. Stop being exploited by those parasites who… well… do your work for you, for less pay.

    Come on, if you’re going to post about food & sports 99% of the time, at least throw us a bone; don’t be a smug dipshit the other 1%.

  4. beatrice says

    Hey aspidoscells,

    If you find CPP bad or unpleasant, don’t come back here. It is that simple.

  5. beatrice says


    You’re right. Sorry. I surely overreacted due to the latest posts suggesting that CPP should not post on food or whatever he feels like writing about. However I don’t find your sentence: “This post is why I find CPP execrable” appropriate. But you should be allowed to express it if this is how you feel. Thanks for alerting me.

  6. aspidoscelis says

    Christ, don’t apologize, now you’re making me feel bad. :-) Yeah, CPP can write whatever he wants, but I find most of it rather inane. It’s then disappointing that when he does write about a topic I find interesting, he says something like this. And his last science-related post, as I recall, basically amounted to calling people who have trouble getting grants a bunch of whiners. Honestly, it sounds to me like the same kind of disdain of the haves for the have-nots that you get from Republican asshats.

  7. former postdoc says

    CPP obviously never met my postdoc PI. His student’s and postdoc’s grant writing is the only thing keeping him funded.

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