Yankees Post-Season Rotation

While Burnett had his best outing in fucken forever last night, I really don’t think he is worthy of the four-man post-season starting rotation. It is clear that the Yanks are setting up for the post-season, not battling to win the AL East, and I bet they told him that, to settle his mind. But in a high-stakes situation, he just doesn’t have the mental toughness and ability to think strategically about pitching to a series of batters in a line-up.

I am thinking CC, Garcia, Colon, and Nova as the post-season rotation. Yes, many will say that it is ridiculous not to have Hughes and Burnett in there, but I favor the guys who have produced all season. Or maybe they run a pseudo-five-man rotation, with Hughes spot-starting instead of one of Garcia, Colon, or Nova as the match-ups indicate.

The best predictor of future performance is past performance. And as far as Burnett goes, he just doesn’t have the fucken brains.


  1. MonkeyPox says

    Seriously, this would be interesting if you talked more about whether it was a good idea to bring Inge back up, or whether Betemit would make a good DH and should just stay out of the infield.

  2. solbailey says

    But your suggestion removes the possibility of a Burnett-Lackey matchup as they duel for
    a a simultaneous mental meltdown.

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