Fucke you, Lackey, you fucken dumshitte! You sure “punished” Cervelli for clapping by plunking him, and now he’s on third fucken base with no outs. Fucken asshole red sock motherfuckers.

UPDATE: And now he just scored ON A DOUBLE PLAY. Way to keep your eye on the fucken prize, Lackey, you big dumb douchewheel.


  1. Jay Jonah Jameson says

    Uh, excuse me Mr Physioproffe, but is this blog supposed to be funny? Insightful? Thought-provoking?

    Or is this the blog equivalent of a police academy fart joke, but with cooking?

  2. Jay Jonah Jameson says

    It’s not the swearing, which is just profanity after all. It’s the abject lack of any kind of point. What is this blog supposed to be about? As far as I can tell its about a guy who thinks spelling is a competition of novelty, is a bit too keen on risotto, and loves swearing at sports players.

    Quite happy to be enlightened as to the joke, if it is one, or the point, if there is one.

  3. aspidoscelis says

    Yeah, I’ve been trying to figure out what exactly the redeeming feature is on this blog. So far, I am at a loss.

  4. Den!s says

    this is the only time that I will check out this blog. It has no place among the others here. This is garbage

  5. Robert says

    Hmmm. I’ve gone back in this blog to the entry about the new banner. The only posts of much quality seem to be recipes, but that’s not too fitting with the idea of “free thought blogs.” There might have been a couple posts of mild interest but this is being executed like a Facebook Wall rather than something on par with the other blogs on this site. It sounds like Physioproffe has some experiences of interest. I just wish he’d go there. And yes, what must be intentional disregard for correct spelling is painful.

    It’s your blog Physioproffe but I don’t really get it.

  6. socle says

    Feh, lots of pearl clutching here. CP captured the irony of the situation exactly in 6 brief sentences. dealwithit.jpg

  7. Arlenna says

    LOL!!!! Readers of “Free Thought Blogs” are telling somebody that their content isn’t “free thought” enough, ahahahahahaahaaa!!!!

  8. Genomic Repairman says

    Hey arseholle, you are not supposed to be free with your thoughtes on your own blogge here at freethoughtblogges. Homie sold out!

  9. OverlappingMagisteria says

    Just cause something is thought freely, written freely, and spelled freely does not mean it is at all interesting. Add me to the list of people confused as to what this blog is doing here, and not on a cooking blog site. Or why it is even a blog, as most of the recent posts have been closer to tweets.

    But hey! Blaghag and Greta’s blog are supposed to arrive here tomorrow! There will be excellent content there!

  10. tort says

    I’m not sure if Comradde PhysioProffe wants this known or not because it’s not in the about the author section but CPP is a co-blogger at DrugMonkey (and the old drugmonkey at science blogs which I believe is shutting down due to the end of psudonyms for bloggers). This is his blog for everything that is not biomedical research. I personally think it’s awesome.

  11. Jay Jonah Jameson says

    This isn’t freethought. It’s nonsense and recipies. Why is this blog even here? It doesn’t discuss anything of any relevance to freethought. It doesn’t discuss any issues that matter to anyone aside from those with a hankering for risotto.

    If there is a point, I’d love to hear it. If CPP actually reads his comments, maybe he can point out what it is. Maybe if he can construct a sentence in English it might even make some kind of sense. Just from what I’ve seen here, I’m not going to hold my breath for it.

  12. says

    You douchenozzles could try reading the archives of the wordpress blog to get a better feeling for the content.

    I think sports crap and recipes are about a thousand times better than some of the other shit floating around FTB, but when I don’t like a blog I typically refrain from reading it rather than complaining about its existence.

  13. CPP's fan says


    I think that CPP’s blog is great, funny, refreshing, well-informed when he tackles serious issues. I agree that the language is, at times, provocative. And so what?… Come on CPP, keep going !. I love youuuuuuu, I mean your blog, your risotto and cheeses ! And his wife is an excellent cook as well !.

  14. Arlenna says

    Well golly G, I sure am glad we have Jay Jonah Jameson to define true free thought for us. These free thought people are clearly better judges of what constitutes free thought than anyone else, eh?

  15. CockMonkey says

    But hey! Blaghag and Greta’s blog are supposed to arrive here tomorrow! There will be excellent content there!

    And I have no doubt that Greg Laden will provide oodles of free-thoughtful analysis.

  16. TigerFan says

    I find PhysioProf to be eloquent and insightful, but because of his tendency to speak positively of the yankees, I will no longer be reading here.

    I hope that keeps him up at night.

  17. Ariel says

    Come on TigerFan!. Let Physioprof sleep at night. We don’t want him to go crazy!. Sleep is critical for a healthy brain.

  18. DrugMonkey says

    CPP is a co-blogger at DrugMonkey

    what….what? This foul mouthed idiotic Yankees fan who calls himself “RisottoProffe” is the same dude? Shit, why didn’t anyone tell me? fukken pseuds…..

  19. cainch says

    Arienna spewed:

    LOL!!!! Readers of “Free Thought Blogs” are telling somebody that their content isn’t “free thought” enough

    No, actually, we we’re telling him it’s stupid, pointless, and completely out of place: devoid of any value that would qualify it for a site that is a co-operative venture with other bloggers who put forth an honest effort to communicate issues to the public. By your utterly asinine yardstick, Kent Hovind, Gene Ray, and William Dembski are indulging in “free thought” any time they post something. I not so respectfully disagree. Sandbox shitte (sic) should be left in the sandbox. Leave the grown-up areas to the grown-ups.

  20. TigerFan says

    Sure, you got Granderson, but we we’ve got some heat, plus Verlander’s awesomeness, the world’s only 10 foot tall pitcher whose name sounds like a sex act.

    And I would think, perhaps wrongly, that anyone who complains about a blog’s content needs to stop proving their idiocy by continuing to comment on a blog they see as worthless.

    It is completely contradictory to say it is of no interest and yet to engage in vigorous discussion, and makes you sound douchey, which, btw, is hilarious.

  21. cainch says

    Wrongly. Correct. You’ll notice that people don’t stop criticizing creationists. Are you claiming that their sites are worthwhile? It is, as they say, to laugh. Knob.

  22. antagonista says

    free shit at CP’s blog:

    1. risotto
    2. extra “e”s
    3. exclamation points
    4. baseball shit

    apparently not “free” enough.

    CP- moar exclamationne pointtes!!!1!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!

  23. TigerFan says

    Oh cainch, i may have been unclear. Youre not hilarious because of your criticism of intellectual idiocy…I agree that that’s useful. You’re hilarious because you hate this blog for it’s lack of intellectual idiocy to criticize and its existence annoys you, yet you keep coming back.

  24. says

    You know, the PP haters have a point… Something is missing – ponderings of PhysioCat’s neuroses!

    Fortunately, when I am disappointed by the absurd substitution of Yankees adoration for animal antics, there is a convenient little ‘x’ button in the upper corner of my browser window that allows me to dispense with such nonsense. If for some reason that button cannot be located, command (or control for Windows ppl) + w achieves the same goal – or if all else fails, a ‘force quit’ works wonders…

  25. Freethoughter says

    You know what is fucking awesome content CPP? New posts every fucking day screaming “Christians are stupidz!!!!” now *that* would be some good, nonboring content!

    HTH. HAND!

  26. steveinmi says

    I’m generally a fan of “the more voices the better”, and I’m an avid reader of all of the other FTB blogs. But CPP seems to be either out of place or out of his depth here. Maybe it would be best to re-launch CPP’s blog later when there is some better content to be offered.

  27. Xhebag says

    agreed steveinmi. CPP is totally out of his depth, thrashing around in desperation for a rope to grab. I think he just doesn’t have the brains to keep up with Ed or even PZ for that matter. Once Greg Laden and Stephanie Zvan start cranking, poor CPP is going to look like the mental midget he is, drooling over some silly game and attempting to make the same pasta dish look like a fresh post.

  28. beatrice says

    Hey Xhebag,

    You’re just jealous. CPP is smart, perceptive, insightful and fun. And he adores his wife. He’s almost a perfect man.

  29. MonkeyPox says

    Once Greg Laden…start[s] cranking,

    Yeah! Can’t wait to hear more insightful opening sentences that I can’t seem to get past without moving on to read something that makes more sense, like Revelations translated into Sumerian.

  30. Xhebag says

    If you don’t get Laden’s insightful and provocative gonzo blog stylings, perhaps that zoonotic pox you suffer from is neurotropic. CPP’s dim bulbery we can probably attribute to the hours spent watching that excruciatingly boring “game” on TV. Or maybe that rotgut rice wine crap.

  31. RedSoxFan83 says

    I’ve loved every blog I’ve read on FTB, but it was only today I realized that PhysioProf is truly the cream of the crop.

    I admit at first I simply didn’t get it. Who uses this much profanity, and then runs it through a “Ye Olde English” filter? Who then follows that up with meticulous documentation of “what I ate for lunch” like a Kindergartener who forgot to bring something for show and tell? Why would this be on a website devoted to Free Thought, when the only posts on the topic were simple statements of “I hate religious people”, only with more of that ren-faire profanity?

    Then, finally, I saw the sports posts. More profanity, no preamble to let the reader know what he’s talking about, and no substance… but then I realized it was from the point of view of a Yankee’s fan. Now it makes sense!

    Truly this entire blog is *brilliant* satire. Not since watching Monty Python’s “Twit Olympics” have I seen such a perfect caricature of a scum sucking, mouth breathing, paint huffing ‘Yankee Fan’! The pidgin English, the inane details, even the incoherent ramblings, all to add to the deception.

    While it’s a harsh parody (really, even the Yankee fans I do know occasionally manage to say something worth hearing) it *is* brilliant, and I’ll be forwarding it to the rest of Red Sox Nation.

    Go Sox!

  32. says

    Oh yawn, it is just like the people who post “WTF THIS POST ISN’T ABOUT SCIENCE ISN’T THIS WEBSITE SCIENCEBLOGS?!?!?!” whenever something sociology related (racism, sexism, etc) got posted about on scienceblogs. No one else gives a fuck, they are enjoying the blog and the people. Go be pedantic somewhere else, jesus.

  33. Dr. Strabismus (WGP) of Utrecht says

    Count me among those who wonder what this blog is doing at FTB. It is certainly unique, and not just in spelling eccentricity.

    I see ten posts here.

    Rants about sports, four. “Comradde” P. seems to be very angry with some professional athletes. I don’t quite understand why, but it is nice of him to share his feelings.

    Recipes, five, some of which, I admit, look pretty good. One has extra instructional goodness: (i.e. “EATTE THE FUCKEN SHITTE!!!!!!!!!!11!11!!111!!!”) Comradde does not equivocate.

    And one, just one, post about religion, which I might as well quote in full:

    Fucke Religion
    August 27, 2011 at 1:57 pm physioprof
    If there were a hell, filthy lying hate-filled religious scum would burn there for all eternity. Of all the most vile destructive heinous aspects of humanity, religion ranks up there with war, rape, and slavery.

    Well, that’s pretty clear. At least Comradde P. can’t be accused of accommodationism.

    I guess CPP has his fans. If you are one of them, enjoy. To be fair, I guess this blog wouldn’t fit in at a foodie site because of his profanity, or at a sports site because of his radical atheism, so maybe it does belong here. Takes all kinds.

  34. Dr. Strabismus (WGP) of Utrecht says

    Xhebag: Oh didn’t you know, Strabbie? This is a *science* blog.

    No rush. I’m sure Comradde will say something sciencey eventually, but what with 24hr cable sports… and a fellow’s got to eat, no?…

  35. Xebag says

    Yeah right. Like this guy has a wife. Nice try. Any *PhysioWife* would have the good sense not to let this alleged Skeptical Free-Thinking Blogger embarrass himself like this.

  36. charles says

    Yes, and any “Physiowife” will send CPP to quel paese if she is doing artwork in her computer and his bandwithd interferes with her work and wellbeing.

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