Fucken Hell

Listening to these fatuous coddled millionaire teevee douchebagge motherfuckers exhorting the little people about how to behave during this hurricane makes me want to fucken hammer nails through my fucken dicke. I hope trees fall on these assholes as they walk from the teevee studio to their fucken limos and then as they lie there on the ground wild beavers unleashed by the flooding bite them in the fucken crotch, twice.


  1. says

    This is going to be a mess and I certainly hope you and the MRS. will be safe and sound.

    As for the above mentioned cock bites, I hope they find themselves on the street with nothing but hundred dollar bills in their pockets, won’t help ’em at that point.They will be rat bait.

  2. Nonsense on Stilts says

    Bravo! I had a loevley conversation with one of my junior partners yesterday. I told her that I had an attending during fellowship who was so henious that the attending should have been fucked in the ass by a wild ape. I then corrected myself: a troupe of wild apes.

  3. rob says

    hurricane? what hurricane? everything was fine last weekend in the midwest. guess that’s cuz bachmann is from here! yay batshit crazy godbots! still, i remember seeing hundreds and hundreds of beavers sprinting east, with a rabid look in their eyes. now i know why.

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