1. Isabel says

    Speaking of banners, I like how you guys made the atheist “atom” look like a star of david on the main ftb banner. Clever! And I see there’s an entire blog dedicated to bashing Christians! Awesome! Congrats, Dude!

  2. BikeMonkey says

    I KNEW it! Shall we just call you by your real name of Glen Beck now, “Isabel”?

  3. Isabel says

    You knew what, exactly? That I am not anti-Christian? That is news to you? And that makes me the exact same thing as “Glen Beck”?

    And please, where is your irony meter?? (really, is it just me that sees a Star of David before I realize it’s an atom? Is it even supposed to be an atom?)

    Answer quickly because I think I am supposed to be banned from this “free thinking” (yeah right) site.

  4. Isabel says

    I get the feeling you guys are watching a lot more Glen Beck than I ever have, lol. I never know what the hell you are all talking about.

    And I take exception to your characterization of me, BikeMonkey.

    btw why are there ads for “right wing” t-shirts on this blogging site?

    This is ALL very suspicious!

  5. Isabel says

    btw, all you anti-Christian nutters, I know why the ads are there, you don’t have to actually explain it to me.

    I really just wanted to stop by and congratulate Physioprof and assure him that there are no hard feelings, as I can tell he misses me and is really sorry he banned me over such a silly matter.

  6. physioprof says

    Loonabel, you logorrheic fuckewitte, try to limit yourself to one or two comments per day. This isn’t a motherfucken loonball chatte room.

  7. Isabel says

    “try to limit yourself to one or two comments per day”

    this is actually a pretty funny line. Haha, I’m sure I won’t be hanging out here much, no worries there.

  8. The MadPanda, FCD says

    Gad’s hookes, man! A newe banner? And whithal the stylings of a properly lettr’d man of good Queen Bess’s time! I must needs acquaint William and that Marlowe lad of this at once, that yours shall be an appropriate welcome.


    Ysobel, withdraw…and take thy damned beagles with thee. Certes, we’ve notte room for such what with the spare argumentum ad nauseum taking up ye spare cupboards.

    The MadPanda, FCD

  9. El Picador says

    Ahh, dude, you might want to check the Fuken Chunder Dorquemaud stuff at the door ’round these parts…

  10. Funky Fresh says

    I suspect the Star of David is in honor of all the elite Jews who keep the other whites oppressed.

  11. Robin says


    I just noticed that the martini you’re about to drink has one cerise but the original martini designed by your wonderful cartoonist friend has two cerises. What happened with the other one?

  12. Robin says

    El Picador,

    That’s white Martini. I like it a lot and is a nice drink to have at, virtually, all moments. I am sure that you like it too.

  13. Katharine says

    Loonabel is clearly loony; she’s got an imaginary friend and she’s seeing things that aren’t there. Daaaang. Someone needs a mental hospital and fast.

    Christians do in fact suck.

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