Sausage Risotto With Pecorino di Moliterno

My existing readers know that I love to blogge about shitte I cooke. For new readers here at freethoughtblogs, I frequently post pictures and recipes of shitte I cooke, and I fucken love making and eating risotto. We have some server issues right now, but once they are resolved, I will be importing my entire archive from my blogge, which includes dozens and dozens of cooking posts.

All of my recipes are totally improvisational, riffing off of my previous meals or recipes I’ve seen in magazines or on teeve. Sausage risotto is one of my favorites, as–unlike more traditional meat ragus–it doesn’t require long simmering of the meat to tenderize it. And the pecorino di moliterno–less salty and pungent than pecorino romano–is a very nice change from the more typical parmigiano reggiano.


two cups carnaroli rice
olive oil
salt and pepper
one cup diced onion
half cup diced carrot
half cup diced celery
one quart chicken (or veal) stock, diluted 1:1 with water (to make two quarts total)
one splash oude genever (or other aromatic booze)
half bottle dry white wine
two tablespoons butter
one cup grated pecorino di moliterno
two sweet italian sausages
two hot italian sausages
three tablespoons chopped italian parsley

Heat some olive oil to medium-low, and toss in the diced vegetables.

Sautee until the carrots are soft, adding fresh-ground black pepper about halfway through.

Remove the sausages from the casing and put in the pan.

Sautee until the sausage is fully cooked, breaking it up as well as possible with the wooden spoon as you cook.

Add the rice, and continue to sautee until the rice is well-coated with oil and starting to smell toasty, about four or five minutes.

Deglaze with genever and wine, and turn up heat to boil off all the alcohol.

Turn down the heat to medium/medium-low and cook in the usual way, repeatedly adding in ladles of already-simmering broth and stirring until absorbed. The key parameter here is to get the temperature so that the rice reaches molto al dente (still a little crunch in the middle) in about sixteen or seventeen minutes. At that point, turn off the heat.

And note that the rice will continue to cook even after the heat is off, so you need to turn off the heat when the rice is still less cooked than you will prefer for the final product. In Tuscany, risotto is typically served with still a little bit of crunch in the center of rice grains. Also, note that the rice will continue to absord liquid after the heat goes off (carnaroli rice a lot, vialone nano rice less so), so you will also want it soupier than the desired final product. (You can add more broth even after the risotto has finished resting–see below–if you want it soupier.)

Finally, note that while you can salt the risotto to taste at this point–after it has incorporated the salt from the sausage and broth–more salt will come from the cheese and butter (if it is salted butter).

Add the cheese, butter, and parsley, and stir well to incorporate. Then cover the pot and allow the risotto to rest for about five minutes.

Eat the motherfucke out of itte!


  1. divin2008 says

    new rulership for you ATHEIST SACKS OF SH*T – traitors to the human race

  2. Weiss says

    Well… I’m a serial lurker (I followed PZ here) but hey, I’m happy to break my silence to ensure that you have at least one non-troll comment.

    The risotto looks awesome, although my mother’s attempts at risotto when I was a teenager have meant that I never, ever want to try making risotto myself or indeed eat it again at all. I’m looking forward to more cook(e)ing posts! When I’m not being an angry lurking nerd on the internet I am looking for something to eat, so I’m glad you’re here; I can combine my loves.

    Buon appetito!

  3. elipson says

    Looks damn nice! You should give up the whole science thing and become a cook! You’d even get to swear more!

  4. NoAstronomer says

    I just might have to try this. Though I’m damn sure someone in my family won’t eat it.


  5. littlem says

    Food Network should give you a show. I would watch.

    Physio, where is the button where we click to say “see replies”? Because I’m feeling like I don’t want to miss much here. :-)

  6. TonyC says

    Food Network should give you a show

    I don’t think Food Network would survive that… too many bleeps! But the food would be good!

  7. InfraredEyes says

    I wonder how this would work with a different type of sausage, maybe a chorizo or something. Because the recipe is great, but I really, really don’t like fennel seeds.

  8. veganrampage says

    Wendy, yes, Arborio rice is traditionally used for risotto. (My chef taught me by adding the liquid in thirds until fully absorbed.)
    Break a grain!

  9. redwoods says

    Swearing and sausage? Count me in! This looks sooo good, may I ask what the wine was?

  10. DrugMonkey says

    Why don’t you just break the sausage up with your fingers prior to putting it in the pan?

  11. metro odyssee says

    Oh my CPP, I am one of your culinary followers. My husband is one of your scientist followers, always looking for your hints to succeed in funding. I do arts.

    I’ve learned a lot from your recipes but haven’t paid attention to your “wine scholarship” because I very rarely drink. My husband takes care of the matter when we have friends. Today, I promised myself that I will never ever sip not even a drop of wine.

    We are on vacation. We needed to do some arrangements at the Rental Car office, which were going to take some time. He wanted to save me the pain and dropped me at a nice restaurant to have lunch on my own while he fixed the problems. I asked for the “crisis menu” (Europeans are very inventive when it comes to sell goods during hard times), which consisted in the “plat du jour” plus drink or “pizza” + drink. I selected pizza and as drink I could choose ¼ L wine (red, or rose or white) or Cocacola. I chose rose because it is not red nor white (Cocacola is prohibited for my “on a diet” permanent status). Pizza was great. And with the wine it tasted wonderful. So much so that I drunk the whole ¼ L. I felt very happy at the end of the “crisis menu” thinking that my nice husband had compensated me really well for not dealing with the rental problems. But I felt tired and decided to wait for him back in the apartment. I took the metro, just across the restaurant, and after a while I recognized that the stop I was aiming for was not in that route. Wrong line. I got off and took the (presumably) one line I needed. Nope…. I had the metro map with me but my brain was totally gone… but I felt happy. I got off again and went to the information desk. But I couldn’t say a word. The lady looked at me with interest (waiting for my question) and I just said: “Perdue-Lost” and showed her the map. She asked: Where are you going?. And I said gigling: “I don’t know”. Maybe my artificial happiness disoriented her and she said: “But you have a map. Could you tell me (in the map) where you want to go?”. Then I said: “I can’t read ”. Oh, she responded, you can’t read! But can you draw? and my response was: “Yes, I paint”. Her English was very good but I think she might have said: Can you write and I misunderstood. Anyway, after her few laughs and my thousand stupid giggles, she understood I was going to Vavin and I was just 3 stops away from my apartment. She put me in the right train after asking a customer to alert me once at Vavin… She was an angel.

    Let’s face it, I got drunk with that ¼ L wine and couldn’t handle it. To make things better when I got to the apartment I realized that the elevator was being serviced and I had 107 steps to get to the 6th floor. Oh… I missed my husband so much, he could have helped getting me to the 6th floor by pushing from behind this dead body of mine….but he was still dealing with the rental.

    Well, no more wine for the rest of my days !.

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