Faceshitte and Google+shitte

Fucke all this faceshitte google+shitte garbage. I am trivial to find on the Internet if someone wants to find me, and I really don’t give a fucken shitte about anyone’s fucken children or pets and how fucken cute they are or their stupid fucken hobbies. PhysioWife dickes around on faceshitte, and sometimes she shows me these pictures of one of my buddies who loves fishing of him in fucken hipwaders and holding up some big fucken dead fish. I DON’T CARE!


  1. DrugMonkey says

    You are so cruel to deny the world adorable pictures of PhysioCat taking a whiz on your ferragamos

  2. Spiny Norman says

    Physioprof is struggling valiantly, about to get sucked into the vortex. It is a sad thing to watch.

  3. Candid Engineer says

    You are such a fucking delight. I’m currently watching a yellow text on blue presentation. A good question would be if you’d rather watch this talk or spend 20 minutes browsing your friends on facetwit.

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