Doesn’t Mean Jacke Shitte

Let’s say that we did actually kill Osama Bin Laden. While it may be gratifying from an emotional standpoint, it doesn’t mean jacke diddly fucke from any practical perspective. The idea that Osama had continued to serve as some sort of operational “mastermind” after 9/11–if he even ever was before that–is an infantile fantasy.

Muslims all over the world continue to despise us for our continued insistence on bombing (and sometimes invading) the motherfucken shitte out of fuckeloades of muslim people. And some vanishingly tiny fraction of them will continue to try in comparatively small ways to try to fucke uppe our shitte because of it.



  1. says

    I have to respectfully disagree…while I don’t think it’s a “game changer” necessarily, it is a significant hit to the morale of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. For an organization that asks its members to be martyrs, I think it is a non-trivial blow and could precipitate a decline, at least in that region.

    Think of how it felt when 9/11 happened, the US no longer felt invincible any more. I think a similar feeling will sweep Al-Qaeda in Afghanastan/Pakistan. For a war that is won in the hearts and minds of a population and not in bullets and deaths, this is significant. But, as you said, it will certainly not change much how we are perceived in many Muslim countries, which is the real underlying issue.

    USA! USA! USA!

  2. Spiny Norman says

    Death cults tend to rely (in part) on the perceived invincibility of the Leader. This event also has significant domestic implications. Stronger GOP presidential candidates who were considering entering the 2012 race now may not, increasing the odds that the present pool of losers and crackpots is in fact the final pool of losers and crackpots. Poor turnout in the general has the potential to change the outcomes of hundreds of local races. So no crystal ball, but yeah, this could be very significant.

  3. UDbutnowUC says

    You’re totally missing the fucking point. You cannot have a mass murderer like him living in a fucking mansion and in impunity while having caused the demise of 3000 people (not including the deaths from the wars that these events erupted) and changing our way of life.

    This kind of person has to be brought to justice and it has nothing to do with whether terrorism is going to end with his death or not… Celebrate his fucking death already… Good god!

  4. says


    It’s actually good for the rightwingers as they’ll continue preparing for the next “event” of blowback with the larger defense budgets they’ve already been given.

    And the crowd screams for more!

    Thanks for your wisdom.

  5. Katharine says

    This will realistically affect nobody’s life unless they try to hijack another plane or some shit.

  6. Isis the Scientist says

    Fortunately for us, camels can’t swim across the Atlantic.

    Wow. Seriously, dude? Seriously?

  7. veganrampage says

    If we’d stop fucking torturing, then recruitment would go way down. This guy explaining on Democracy Now! was involved on over 1100 interrogations.

    Of course putting Bin Laden on trial, a la Nuremberg would have been asking too much. Possible to try and convict Nazis, but one skinny terrorist with no gun in hand was too much for Special Secret Team Six and the Flying Wallendas. USA. USA. USA.

  8. Anon says

    Thank you for being the first person I found today who is not all rah! rah! this.

    I don’t want to be happy about the death of anyone. Killing people doesn’t prove that killing people is wrong.

  9. Katharine says

    Expand psychological evaluations from select positions in the military to, well, pretty much fucking everything. Require a psychological evaluation to even BE in the military. Require a psychological evaluation to hold federal elected/appointed office. Why restrict it to the sub sailors?

    That’s what I think.


    I’m getting fucking tired of a government run by people who need psychological help more than power.

  10. Bill Bailey says

    Haha dumb motherfuckers don’t get that there’s no point arguing with a narcissistic trolling smartass with a tiny penis.

  11. Katharine says

    Indeed, Bill Bailey; there is little point in arguing with you, since you not only are a narcissist with a small penis, you also have a double-digit IQ.

  12. says

    Oh, it means something practically, nothing good, but its something. It will make pakistanis pissed off at us and ease recruitment for al-queda or other similar groups. Thanks, military.


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