Is it just me, or have the “Trends in Fuckeology” review journals turned to complete utter shitte? I looke at the tables of contents, and I am almost always all like, “Who the fucke gives a fucken fucke about this pointless bullshitte, and who the fucken fucke are these mopes writing about itte?”

Interviewing For Post-Doc Positions

When I interview post-doc candidates, I don’t give a single flying fucke how much they know about what we do in my labbe, other than at the broadest level. What I care about is what they know about what *they* have done previously, can talk about it intellgently and creatively, and whether they would bring an interesting perspective to our intellectual milieu.

Only the most ego-impaired douchebagge PIs give a shitte about having smoke blown up their asses by post-doc candidates concerning how detailed their study of the PI’s wonderful magnificent research program has been. I don’t need or want to hear any more from post-doc candidates than “I am interested in your lab because you work on X range of problems in Y model systems”.