Jeezus Motherfucke

You really think it’s a good idea to show slides with multiple panels labelled “Ai”, “Aii”, “Aiii”, “Bi”, “Bii”, “Ci”, “Cii”, “Ciii”, etc, each filled with multiple teeny tiny squiggles and shitte? Fucken goddamn motherfucken electrophysiology douchefuckes shouldn’t be allowed to give fucken talks. Fucken rig jockey assholes.

NIH Scientific Staff

When you ask people overly simplistic and broad “gotcha” questions in a provocative and accusatory manner, you shouldn’t be surprised to receive glib uninformative answers. If you develop genuine professional relationships with Program Officers and Scientific Review Officers within NIH and treat them like the fellow scientists they are, you will receive thoughtful honest answers.

Fusilli Alla Sorrentina


one pound fusilli
one large can chopped san marzano tomatoes
olive oil
one medium onion, finely diced
salt and pepper
half pound buffalo mozzarella, diced into one centimeter cubes
two tablespoons fresh basil, shredded by hand

Sautee onions on medium low until nicely golden, adding generous amount of fresh ground black pepper about halfway through.

Deglaze with a generous splash of corenwijn, reduce completely, and continue to sautee until onions are nicely caramelized.

Add whole can of tomatoes and start simmering on medium low.

Simmer until the tomatoes are nicely broken down and reduced (adding salt to taste), and then add the basil, stir in and continue to cook for about two or three minutes. While the sauce is finishing, cook the pasta in about one gallon of boiling water with one tablespoon of salt.

When the pasta is al dente, drain and add to the pan with the sauce, stir it up, turn off the heat, and then throw in the diced buffalo mozzarella, and stir it up well.

Keep stirring until the cheese is nicely melty.

EAT ITTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Concern About Federal Deficits

Just to be clear, this is really what the teabagger shrieking for federal budget cuts is all about:

Steve Spradlin (Coinguy1945) wrote:

I want cuts deep enough to make the illegals, blacks and other undesirables leave America when their welfare and food stamps are cut off. Wht was there no end of FEDERAL unions like in Wisconsin? I am ashamed that Boener betrayed us and the lives of innocent babys. He will pay heavily.

The American People

Just so we’re clear: When America-hating far-right-wing Republican scum refer to “The American People”, they’re referring to angry selfish greedy white racist misogynist christian suburban assholes, the same dead-end slime that loved George W Bush until the bitter end.

Incoherent Extramural Whining Continues

Well, for some reason it took a while for the incoherent whiners to find Sally Rockey’s blog post in which she published OER’s response to the Benezra petition. But they have! Oh, they have!

As at least some of the commenters there have recognized, the number of grants that can be funded each fiscal year is zero-sum (leaving aside for this purpose the issue of grant size). Thus, the *only* possible thing that can be coherently argued as a problem with the A2 sunset is that without A2s, there are some grants being funded that shouldn’t be if there were A2s, and some grants not being funded that should be.

So I ask this of those who are arguing strenuously for return of A2s: what is the nature of these grants that are being funded that shouldn’t be, and those grants that aren’t being funded that should be?

And to amplify: You *can’t* only tell us about grants that should have been funded that weren’t. You *must* also tell us about grants that were funded but shouldn’t have been. Asserting the former without the latter is completely logically incoherent, and not worthy of anyone who considers herself to be a scientist.