Concern About Federal Deficits

Just to be clear, this is really what the teabagger shrieking for federal budget cuts is all about:

Steve Spradlin (Coinguy1945) wrote:

I want cuts deep enough to make the illegals, blacks and other undesirables leave America when their welfare and food stamps are cut off. Wht was there no end of FEDERAL unions like in Wisconsin? I am ashamed that Boener betrayed us and the lives of innocent babys. He will pay heavily.


  1. Juniper Shoemaker says

    Yes, because everyone knows there are no white Americans receiving welfare checks and food stamps. Just as everyone knows that every white American who has ever gotten into a prestigious university did so on pure merit. All white Americans are Randian heroes who never accept charity, who never have children that they can’t afford out of wedlock and who never cheat to win. It’s because whites are a superior race. Duh!

    Meanwhile, I am just a nigger who has never earned anything she has received, and I will never be a Real American despite the fact that my father’s family has been in this country for hundreds of years. Really, all of America’s troubles would vanish as mist before the sun if people like me, who can actually compose grammatical sentences, just left.

  2. BBBShrewHarpy says

    Juniper, I don’t think this particular TeaBagger is especially concerned with or involved in the prestigious university scene.

  3. K says

    That dude is 66 years old and he’s spouting that stupidity?

    Time to send him off to the pasture. No, not do anything lethal. We need to literally create some idyllic little green grassy area where morons go when they’re old so if they’re going to dodder around and go wharrgarbl then it affects nobody.

  4. Kaija says

    Ugh…I have to agree. That statement sounds very much like what I hear from my backwoods relatives and people from my hometown who haven’t left their rural county in 25 years but know how to run America based on what they see on TV and Fox News. I despair.

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