1. amazed says

    What does this Comradde Physioproffe do for a living?.
    Is h/she a cook, an artist, a linguistics scholar,a physiologist,…? Has anyone ever seen him or ever talked to him?…..

    I think he is god…. I love this god

  2. says

    The packers are publicly owned, so I wanted them to win. I guess they are the only team that is like that. I probably won’t have to give a shit about sports again for a long time, eh?

  3. says

    And in unrelated football news, Jim Johnson has apparently been reincarnated…in the body of an offensive line coach.

    How’s that sit with the Comrade?

  4. Isabel says

    Nice sockpuppet. Cute, CPP. Also nice lies you are spewing over at your friend tenured radical’s blog. Why is it so important to you to harrass me and aggressively mis-represent my position when you run in to me on others’ blogs ala Nails. Why can’t you just mind your own business?

  5. Isabel says

    Seriously, I demand an answer. Why chase me all over the blogosphere trying to poison people’s opinion of my ideas? It’s totally rude and intrusive. Why does a millionaire, who was brought up with all the privileges, need to harass me and the others (like JackDanielsBlack) every time we speak to class prejudice in an online conversation?

    BikeMonkey, it’s hopeless. We will never start a class war with hench-oligarchs like Physioprof and TR throwing a monkey wrench into the works every time we try to get things going.

    Meanwhile, the wonderful People of Color want nothing to do with us low class white folks – sorry Zuska, I see little hope for the solidarity approach – at least not until we’ve raised ourselves up to the enlightened upper classes and publicly repudiated everything and everyone from our pasts. Which would sort of defeat the purpose, one would think.

  6. Funky Fresh says

    It’s funny to see Isabel accuse people of chasing her around the blogosphere.

    Isabel, if your goal is to start a class war, might I suggest starting your own blog? I’d totally read it!

  7. Isabel says

    I guess you would know about chasing people all over the blogosphere. Do you do anything else?

    “I’d totally read it!”

    That’s why I won’t start my own blog. It would be Troll City.

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