Academic Administration

One major issue with administration in academia is that there is absolutely no training or scholarly approach to developing expertise in academic administration. The vast majority of academic administrators end up there because by sheer dumb fucken lucke, they happen to be decent at it (or not). In the world of business, management is an entire area of scholarly inquiry and practical engineering that is viewed as central to business success. In academia it is looked upon as a necessary evil (or even, by many self-absorbed delusional faculty, as an unnecessary evil).

If academics don’t embrace management theory and practice to the same extent that business people do, then the trend of hiring corporate d00ds who aren’t academics to manage academic institutions is going to accelerate. To the extent that academics don’t like this trend, they need to sacke the fucke uppe and adopt a scholarly and practical approach to academic managment.

My Needs

The fact that no one in a bureaucracy cares about “my needs” is not an “issue” to be “realized”. It is a fundamental fact about all bureaucracies–academic and otherwise–that must be embraced. In order to get what you want from someone, you must convince them that it is in *their* interest and will serve *their* needs to give you what you want. The minute you adopt the frame of “my needs”, you are fucked.

Science Blogging 101

Laboring for fucken hours over blogge posts that are targeted at an extremely finely calibrated narrow audience of people who are exactly positioned in between educated laypeople and scientists–and thus have both the inclination and capacity to understand a post–is fucken stupid.