Important Cooking Fact

Some batches of dried ancho chiles can be extremely bitter, and thus the liquid that is used to reconstitute them must be discarded and replaced, rather than incorporated into the ancho chile sauce. FUCKE!!!!!


  1. Denise says


    Curious to know… what are you cooking?. I don’t believe you’re doing just traditional holiday cooking….

    Happy dinner tonight and happy christmas day from stockholm

  2. veganrampage says

    As a recovering professional chef I’d like to note that most recipe instructions are wildly incorrect, unhelpful, and/or plain wrong.
    Many omit the most crucial of steps. I’ve never seen anyone with skill using the type of liquid CCP mentioned, chile or no, and if a recipe called for that the writer of said is a shitty chef and teacher.
    Recipes are mini-lessons in cooking, and tons of great chefs can’t teach.
    A good rule is to taste everything as one goes along, especially before big crucial steps, and trust not the recipe.
    Think of a recipe as you would our government.
    Sorry about your ancho fiasco CCP. I know that pain! You won’t make that mistake again. I find freezing them when they are in season yields better results than using the dried form.


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