1. isis's distant cousin says


    To hook you up CPP ?. There you go……


  2. MitoScientist says

    More gourmet cooking! Also, I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on changing biomedical fields when going from the PhD training to Postdoc.

  3. says

    Traits of those you have witnessed not get tenure/traits of those you have seen get tenure.
    (Female vs male? Enough data?)

    The story of a career arc and how to remain competitive.

    How not to strangle colleagues in your department.

  4. Anonymous says

    What is more important for postdocs/grad students to consider if they want a TT position and to land big grants…prestige (ie working at a top 5 research university/medical school) or publication in top journals. To clarify, is it better to work with a mediocre advisor at TopPrivateMedSchool or to work with an outstanding advisor who publishes frequently in GlamMags but works at a lower ranked R1 university or SLAC(of course the best situation is to do outstanding work at a top school, but sometimes things don’t work out that way and one has to choose).

  5. Juniper Shoemaker says

    Uni is meaningless against first-author glamour mag pubs.

    LOL. Wollewaerd and watschoed, I bow to your wisdom.

  6. Corin says




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