Military Service

There used to be an expectation that even the wealthy and privileged owed military service to the nation. For example, George HW Bush served bravely in WWII, as did many others from his socioeconomic class.

There is a good bit of historical scholarship addressing why this changed, and the obvious outcome is greedy infantile right-wing scumbag draft-dodgers like Cheney and Ashcroft and Bush, Jr turning into deranged neo-con warmongers fighting imperialist wars using other people’s children as cannon-fodder.


  1. veganrampage says

    You wrote it.
    Watching the Medal of Honor ceremony last week, hearing the official narrative, made me quake with nauseous anger.
    Still can’t believe they swift-boated Kerry like that, and made W. into a freakin Texan! Fairy tales for a sleep walking nation, an obese nation on the verge of suffocating from sleep apnea.
    Johnny Got His Gun should be required reading in high school, if only kids could read by the time they get to high school.


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