Vick was absolutely outstanding yesterday. You can tell that he is thinking and behaving like a leader now. My hypothesis is that doing hard time in fucken prison led to significant soul-searching and a cognitive and emotional maturation process.


  1. DrugMonkey says

    It is absolutely disgusting what ethical gyrations you are willing to perform in service of your beloved Eagles.

  2. says

    Vick’s interview with Jim Mora earlier in the season tells it all. Vick never prepared for games, he just went in, was ready to chuck the ball around, and use his legs to cover his lack of preparation. It’s clear that he’s changed his football work ethic, and has become receptive to coaching. I’d say this is a necessary precondition to his teammates accepting his leadership.

    The change in his stats are really mind boggling to me. He goes from a career 53.7% completion to 60.8, and best YPA. You just don’t see that kind of increased accuracy in QBs at this stage of their careers.

    Also, kudos to Andy Reid for 12 straight wins coming off a bye week. That’s impressive, for as much as I question the guys coaching. Can’t argue with that.

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