As someone who has lived in Manhattan for many years, and who was downtown on 9/11, I am absolutely fucken livid at these greedy fucken vicious pigs like Palin and Gingrich and Beck who attempt to exploit this horrible event for their own vile despicable political schemes. Fuck them all. *They* are the ones who hate America and the reality of what it is.

Fucken Texan Scum

Not only can’t you fill up your fucken baseball stadium with Texan fuckbags even when your fucken asshole Texan team is leading the AL West, but it sounds like there are more Yankees fans there than Texas shitwads.

So, in summary, fucke you, Texas. You should go ahead and secede, and take up fucken soccer. Leave baseball to real americans, not fucken pathetic asshole slime like you.

Jeezus Fucke, Juste Fucken Shoote Me

Who the fucke is the Dave Matthews Band, and why the fucken fucke do they sucke asse so fucken badde? Do people actually pay money to listen this fucken swille? It sounds like a cross between Al Jarraeu and Huey Lewis on fucken ludes.

UPDATE: Oh, my fucke godde!!!! I didn’t it was possible for anything to be worse than thatte firste fucken song, but this one is like infinity times worse: like a cross between Rush and Lynyd Sknynyrd tripping on the brown acid.

UPDATE II: Nooooooo! Now they are trying to be New Orleans funkie and Talking Heads funkie, and they sound like all the fucken dudes who got shitcanned from every fucken bar mitzvah band on Long Island for sucking too bad got together to form a fucken band of their own.


Those who are consumed by drama simply cannot conceive the existence of any perspective from which their drama is not central and massive and all-consuming. Thus, telling such a person that you aren’t interested in participating in their drama cannot possibly be either effective or memorable, no matter how carefully and powerfully you craft what you say.

The only hope is that by simply refusing to engage whenever they attempt to draw you in, their behavior will finally extinguish due to lack of reinforcement. Even further, if you actually try to convince them that their drama is not your drama, and tell them you don’t want to participate, that just enrages them and becomes yet another drama for them to embrace.