1. Swing Band says

    AMMMMMMMMMMMM. I love Sushi, yum, yum…

    When you meet my baby
    you´ll see why I am in love

    He likes candy for breakfast,
    sushi for lunch
    and as for dinner,
    he just asks for more and more

    The Swing Band

  2. Phledge says

    Skeptifem, I can’t even stand that vegetarian roll shit. Seaweed makes me barf. I also think green tea tastes like fish. I order the all-you-can-eat from the kitchen and nom up some gyoza and tempura and spicy teriyaki beef and steamed rice (oh hells yeah I’m white like it). Then I watch My Nigel stuff hisself to sickness with the raw fish and quail eggs and shit, and it’s not a romantic evening, lemme say.

  3. Alejandro says

    I had Spanish “sushi” (mariscada) and it was gorgeous. It reminded me a little bit of japanese sushi. I happened to eat it somewhere in the Basque Country. Yes, a fishermen town by the name Bermeo. The end of the meal was even better at “Al peccato di gola”, an icecream place where they serve wonderful “amaretto” icecream.

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