1. says

    No question–Pete Shelley is a FLA (funny-looking adult.) But, being funny-looking was integral to his musical persona. Plus, he still rocks.

  2. Sylvie says

    You’re such a not so secret anglophile. And when did fucken become the new fuckin you fecker?

  3. bilbao says

    Hey guys,

    Off topic. Michelle Obama rocks and Sasha rocks !!!!. Wow… people in Marbella are delighted with them. I am sure they are watching some wonderful flamenco right there. I wish Michelle and Sasha had the time to visit Bilbao. I am just across the Guggenheim Museum having a few beers and listening to a wonderful jazz band……. This is a great vacation..

    You guys don’t work too hard !!!!

  4. veganrampage says

    Nobody is ugly when that young, though I prefer “I’m against it.” Saw them a few times in later years. Last time had to leave, the unbearable limelight poseur nightklub was just too fucken unbearable.
    Punk was feminist for ten seconds before it all got ruined. At least it was for me.
    That is all.

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