1. GMP says

    I suppose this is a faculty Joba? I think it’s amazing that you guys are interviewing/hiring at all. We have had a freeze that will continue in the foreseeable future, and I know a number of universities are in the same boat…

  2. GMP says

    :) Oops!

    Man, I thought Joba was a way to refer to a generic job applicant (from prev posts as well) as CPP’s institution was going through some belated interviewing and the candidates all looked like they were wideeyed etc.

    And I thought the pitching in this post was a clever metaphor for “you are not ready to be faculty at a top notch institution”!

    I will go hang my head in shame and never comment again. ;) Naaah.

  3. Tigs says

    The thing of it is that Girardi and Cash did it to him– it’s like they were trying to destroy the poor kid’s psyche.

    I don’t know how they fix that, but I blame them.

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