1. says

    I’ve become acquainted with many highly successful PIs over the past two years and am fascinated by how differently they react to similar circumstances. It’s my experience that even people who are very good are pretty diverse. So my first reaction was that just because you don’t approve of a decision doesn’t make it wrong. It was followed quickly by the thought that the self-sabotage instinct is intensely powerful in some of us.

    Still – yay for you re: oy! Good interjection.

  2. carol says


    It means that somebody goes on strike every other day, which means that the might decide to use the broom the other every day. Quite temperamental.

  3. ginger says

    It means “sweep.” PP is a New York Yankees fan. When a team wins all the (consecutively scheduled) games in a series against another team, it’s called a sweep. A team can play several series against another, depending on the schedule. For example, the Yankees have played two series against the (amazingly sucky) Baltimore Orioles in June, one at home – which they swept – and one in Baltimore.

    I hope they don’t sweep the Phillies because I have deep positive sentiments towards Jamie Moyer, the Phillies pitcher for Wednesday’s game, because Moyer is a standup guy and what’s kindly referred to as a “veteran pitcher”, which means he is ancient for baseball at age 47. PP hopes they whomp the Phillies because he is an uncouth, awful member of the Bronx Nation who drinks the blood of babies.

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