Getting Administrators To Do Shit You Want Them To Do

If you’re gonna walk into an administrator’s office and use language like “it’s not fair”, you may as well just say “don’t worry; you can keep fucking me over, because I’m not going to do anything about it”. Administrator’s don’t give a fuck about abstract subjective shit like “fairness”; they give a shit about consequences.

The only thing that’s gonna move an administrator away from the status quo is the threat of a bad consequence, or the promise of a good conseqence. Right or wrong, this is a very practical heuristic for administrators to employ in the face of a constant onslaught of demands for action.


  1. veganrampage says

    Funny you should write about this, cuz I am wondering just exactly who does give a shit about fairness.

    Did anybody ever, or am I just realizing, at this very late date, how jacked almost everyone is? For fuck’s sake, what a bunch of fuck heads. Stupid too.

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