Too bad. Awesome fucking outing for CC though.

Nice that those sad douchebag Devil Rays fans gave him a standing O.

UPDATE: Girardi was quoted as saying that he was going to pull CC after the eighth inning regardless, because the “big picture” dominates and the big picture for the Yankees is “October”. That would have been interesting if he really were to have pulled CC after eight no-hit innings.


Micro Dr. O has been wringing her hands about documenting a series of failed subcloning strategies in her lab notebook.

Spending time writing up a bunch of failed subcloning shit is ridiculous. Why even “write up” successful subcloning shit? So long as you have fully documented the resulting clone, who gives a crap how you got there?

Fuck Flavored Coffee

The other day I was on line in Starbucks and this motherfucker in front of me goes, “I’ll have a grandee coffee, and put three squirts of one of those flavored syrups in it; I don’t care which one.” I nearly fucking puked right there on the fucking counter.