Tenured Radical linked to this list of newly inducted Fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. In addition to a bunch of real scholars, there’s some weird shit on the list.

For example, it’s a fucking disgrace that they elected David Fucking Brooks. That dude is so full of fucking shit, the whole fucking earth tilts when he walks around. He is a lying dirtbag, with not an ounce of intellectual integrity.

Also too, I’m confused. There’s rich-ass business douches on the list? All you have to do is be some fuckwad CEO of a big fucking company and you get on there? What the fuck does ripping off bajillions of customers and stockholders to stuff your own pockets with lucre have to with “Arts and Sciences”?


  1. LadyDay says

    I suppose the term “con artist” may qualify those CEOs (and Brooks) as artists? Seriously, that they were included is a total disgrace, but it’s a good reflection of what’s been happening politically in this country.

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