True Dat

Kunstler gets the Republican Party right today, and with a nice turn of phrase:

[A] gang of hypocritical, pietistic sadists, seeking pleasure in the suffering of others while pretending to be Christians, devoid of sympathy, empathy, or any inclination to simple human kindness, constant breakers of the Golden Rule, enemies of the common good.


  1. Katharine says

    “Interesting how the humor of liberals gets more biting, cathartic, and lucid the angrier they get. Conservatives, on the other hand, simply become more vulgar and meaner.”

    Quoted for truth.

  2. Beaker says

    They are acting like the playground bully who gets punched in the mouth. They are bleeding, running, and warning “we’re gonna be sorry,” and “they’ll be back.” They are sad little frat boy twerps.

  3. says

    Boehner basically called for an overthrow of the union in his konniption before the vote. “Defying the will of the people”?!!?? Really? Cuz my rep voted exactly as I wanted him to—Yea.

  4. says

    Those are some people with vile, VILE ideas in their heads.
    It befuddles me as to how such a large party of such moronic collective consciousness exists.

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