1. El Picador says

    Those country ruining selfishfucker Republidouches are against it so it can’t be *all* bad…

  2. says

    It does very little right away, and as far as I can tell not much more after it kicks in. But it sure is a big program called “Health Care Reform,” no arguing with that!

  3. Phledge says

    EAMD, would those be the gonads that don’t really belong to you? The ones that teh menz control, per the Global Accords Governing Fair Use of Women? The ones that churn out, on a presumably monthly basis, precious precious pre-born babiez?

    Yeah, I have those too. I was wondering why the fuck they were aching tonight.

  4. says

    HCR, abortion and booze aside, the derivative neologisms I’m seeing here are making the whole debate quite worth it.

  5. says says that Utah and a bunch of other backwards states are trying to sue to overturn this thing. They are arguing that states rights mean that they don’t have to comply. You know, like they did every time someone got civil rights.

  6. says

    No, their not, but I’d be all for a constitutional amendment that gives Utah or some other spot to all the jingoistic, Randian goatfuckers.

  7. becca says

    BikeMonkey- I just looked up the actual St. Gregory. How much of the irony is intentional?

  8. BikeMonkey says

    I don’t know wtf you are on about becca. St. Gregory had a cinder filled, closely shorn sheepskin sack around his neck as one of his many tortures. it is a well known exclamation…

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