1. ron says

    saints have only won 2 playoff games prior to this year and they win it all. makes me love andy reid, joe banner, mcnabb even more. go eagles!

  2. says

    Great game (though all that passing made it seem more like Arena Football or the CFL than it did the NFL), and an even greater outcome. This was huge for that city and long overdue. Meanwhile, with all this pre-game talk about Manning being the greatest QB ever (9 and 9 in the play-offs, mind you), Drew Brees played one of the greatest games (stats-wise) in the history of the Super Bowl. Brilliant!!!

  3. smmo says

    I am a complete sucker for the Saints as the real America’s Team Redemption thing. It is corny, manipulative and largely untrue and I DON’T CARE. Plus I love Drew Brees and still kinda sorta wish my Chargers had kept him even though their QB is good too, though a quiverfull Xian nutball.

    WHO DAT.

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