Happy Blogroll Amnesty Day!!!!111!!1!!1!!bjajillipon!!!!1111!!!

Fuck all those huge-ass snoozefest blogs! Here’s to the grass roots motherfuckers that make Blogtopia the fucking awesome place that it is. Remember, comrades, LOOK UP! and LINK DOWN! (Image credit, Skippy!)

My favorite commie!

My favorite medical student!

My favorite medievalist!

My favorite group blog!

My favorite bartender!


  1. says

    What? No mention of yer favorite Ornery Bastard?!

    I forgive ya. Been wondering if you have been as busy as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest, no post for a while.

  2. El Picador says

    Who are you trying to fool with all this 1337 speak anyway? I bet you are over the age of 15!! Nice try old guy!

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