Pantswetting Freaks

Some fucking douchebag walks backwards through the security checkpoint and you shut down an entire motherfucking airport???? SACK THE FUCK UP, ASSHOLES!!! WE FOUGHT AND BEAT THE MOTHERFUCKING BRITISH EMPIRE AND WE PISS OUR FUCKING PANTS EVERY TIME WE HEAR A LOUD NOISE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


  1. says

    But freedom isn’t free goddammit, you fucking liberal moron! Besides, no other country in the world has ever encountered terrorism so what the hell are you talking about? If you can’t give up common sense and your liberties for your freedoms what kind of patriot are you? Why do you hate Murkah? Love it or leave it, fucker! Fersure and youbetcha.

  2. says

    This is a no win situation. If it had turned out this guy planted a bomb on a plane and we didn’t do anything to at least attempt to prevent it and it went off and killed people, they’d be getting reamed out yet again.

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    Well, they were distracted by France, and anyway, the same Americans crapping their pants now would have been Tories then, too. But yeah, it’s ridiculous. It’s especially ludicrous that the same people claiming that putting terrorists on trial will endanger us all (when it will do the opposite) recklessly taunt and threaten entire countries and demographics, which actually does… endanger us. There can be no rest for the Imperial Diaper Brigade.

  4. JJ says

    There’s always gonna be a high ratio of idiots in the airport to actual terrorists in the airport. What ARE ya’ gonna do?

  5. Interrobang says

    Goddamn it! The MOTHERFUCKING BRITISH EMPIRE burnt your MOTHERFUCKING WHITE HOUSE to the MOTHERFUCKING GROUND, MOTHERFUCKER, and don’t you ever forget it. (That was the first time you folks decided you wanted to practice “regime change” on someone and that it’d be a cakewalk, you’d be done in a few weeks, and you’d be greeted as liberators with flowers and candy — almost exact quotes, translated from 1812-speak… HOW’D THAT WORK FORYA, HUH?)

    Speaking as someone whose ancestors were United Empire Loyalists, and possibly unfairly pejoratively tagged as Tories, the UELs had a fuckload more spine than these modern right-wing pantswetters. You impugn the honour of my ancestors, sir. If the UELs had been a bunch of cowardly blowhards with a habit of staining their breeches yellow, I wouldn’t spell “honour” with a U now…


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