You’re down by a touchdown, it’s fourth down with about three minutes left in the game, and you go for (and make) a motherfucking 52 yard field goal!?!?!?!?!?!? Are you fucking kidding me!?!?!?

THERE IS NO “E” FOR EFFORT IN FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLAY TO WIN, DUMBASS!!!!


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    I don’t care how many wins Andy Reid has notched his no-run offense philosophy and his sideline decision making remain questionable at best, and that move right there (that totally meaningless field goal) was a glaring example of that. It wasn’t like it was fourth and fucking twenty. However, you can also blame last night’s loss on a lot of dropped passes. Huge loss, Bro, and a game the Eagles should’ve won.

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    It would have made sense if they had any fucking timeouts left. But letting the Cowgirls then waste 3 fucking minutes of game play because you can’t stop them making downs was just too fucking weak. I mean, I’m a Steelers fan so I FUCKING HATE the fucking Eagles, but teh Fucking Cowgirls? Bullshit.

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