Balloon Boy (UPDATED)

I bet the little fucker released the motherfucking balloon, and then hid because he was afraid he was gonna get in trouble.

UPDATE: Apparently, the police have now concluded that this was a hoax, a publicity stunt planned by the parents who knew all along that the kid was not in the balloon.


  1. says

    Naah. Looks like the parents are attention whores. Maybe they wanted to stage a UFO thing and then the kid went missing, or maybe the whole thing about the kid was just a stunt…..either way, looks like mom and dad need to be clocked upside the head a few times.

  2. Catharine says

    I don’t get it. Why would anybody *want* media attention? Personally, I always try to stay just under the radar. Better not to make trouble, much less ask for it.

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