1. says

    Without question this was a Bush-aided selection.
    So what? Just by winning the election Obama fulfilled the criteria Alfred Nobel himself dictated for the Peace Prize.

    For the selection committee, the back-hand to Bush and the near instant CCRWRSWAM heads exploding were the enjoyable side dishes.

  2. says

    The number of right-wing shitheads sputtering in outrage that their President won a prestigious prize? Pretty much every fucking one of them. The moment they heard the news, they swiftly ran to put their heads and other bodily organs together, started stroking each other’s rods, and ejaculated such steaming reeking piles of bile and hate that it’s a wonder that they got any assholes left after all that spunge got splurted in them. Go look at Faux News for fuck’s sake, those bastards are nothing but Obama-bashing and Nobel-bashing today. Assholes, each and every one of them, utterly deserving of a hairball in their shoe or on their favorite chair meow.

  3. says

    What soopermouse said.

    And, CPP. You know I think highly of your intellectual abilities. But this form of argument doesn’t particularly showcase them:

    1) Noting something that a liberal leader does, says, or has happen to him or her, that doesn’t make sense.

    2) Tossing out a right-wing argument that only a very small subset of the right wing is actually making, with the implied suggestion that this is all the opposition can muster up. Often involves GWB.

    3) Ridicule (2) — usually pretty easy to do. Ignore any substantive arguments being made by the right and, yes, the left.

    Come on, man. I come here for stuff to chew on, not cotton candy.

  4. says

    But this form of argument doesn’t particularly showcase them

    This post is not an “argument”, and I haven’t said fuck-all about whether I think the POTUS deserved the Nobel peace prize.

  5. El Picador says

    Doc Kiss got one for prolonging a high body count war. WTF does it have to do with deserve. Read some NPP history people..

  6. BB says

    Soopermouse, Gandhi died before he could receive it.
    No post-humous awards (absent Dag Hammerskjold, who was nominated while alive and then died).

  7. says

    BB Puh-leaze!
    Gandhi was nominated 5 times in his lifetime…AND NEVER GOT IT.
    Obama was nominated in January this year athe latest. That’s how Nobels work. Tellme what had he done at that time. One fucking thing worth it. One. I dare you.

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