Management 101

Some people’s answer to everyfuckingthing that involves other people not doing what is expected or desired is to make a rule. Then when they make the rule, and behavior still doesn’t meet expectations or desires, their answer is nothing more than an indignant whine: “But I *told* them what they are supposed to do!!” Fucking morons.

Making a rule and telling people to obey it is pretty much the single least effective way available to get people to do something. The way to get people to do something is to create a system of reinforcers and incentives that make people *want* to do the thing you want them to do.

When the answer of a manager or administrator to a failure of action is, “But I *told* them to do it”, you know you are dealing with a total fucking incompetent.


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    I think that is very dependent on what exactly you mean by incentives. I mean my basic incentive process with help, was to make it clear that their having work with me tomorrow – or even for the full day, is dependent on their doing what I fuckingwell ask them to and either doing it exactly right or asking for clarification on how to do it exactly right. I paid better than most contractors paid for daylaborers, so this wasn’t exactly small incentive. But I had a very low tolerance for fuckups. I am more than happy to help them figure it out, but people who were unwilling to admit when they needed help or who liked to sit about – they were absolutely fucking useless.

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    You need a fucking bigass JACKASS disclaimer on this piece of flaming feces Comrade.

    We are all practical anarchists. Make all the fucking rules you want. If it suits us, we’ll adhere. If it makes sense to have such a rule, it probably isn’t necessary to codify it. Frex,
    GIVEN: You don’t dig up old graves to resell the plot.

    Most of the “problems” for which rules are promulgated are completely meaningless. Most of the “solutions” are unnecessary and pointless since they’re unenforceable.

    But good luck with that…

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