“Terror Plot”

Terrorist probe expands:

“Operation Nexus” took on an extra urgency after raids on Queens apartments Zazi visited around the eighth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks turned up knapsacks and cell phones.

ZOMFG!!!!! They had KNAPSACKS and CELL PHONES!!!!!!!!111!!1!1!!111!!!

Yeah, them and every single other motherfucker in Queens.

Anybody aware of any evidence that these dudes actually had the means to carry out their plans? I ask because the vast majority of these “terror plots” have turned out to be a couple of wackos in some shitty kitchen somwhere fantasizing about waging jihad–but with no ability whatsoever to actually implement any of their sick fantasies of destruction–being led on by law enforcement.


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    In fairness, PP, NPR also pointed out that they had batteries, along with the cell phones and knapsacks. So you might want to tone down the rhetoric a bit. These motherfuckers were SCARY!!~!~!!~!!!11!!!

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