1. says

    It’s more that horses generally are laid back animals that are already trained to have things on their back.

    Cats on the other hand just think anywhere they see fit is a bed, living or otherwise.

  2. Interrobang says

    My old horse definitely had a pet cat. They were quite fond of each other, and she liked that he had a thick curly coat, which made for a warm comfy place to sleep. Mostly, cats don’t bother horses too much (now, dogs, on the other hand, will hassle horses until they get told off), but occasionally you’ll find a particular cat and a particular horse that hit it off, at least in my 20 or so years of experience with horses…

  3. rideandcook says

    My first horse had a favorite barn cat. She always curled up on his butt when he was in his stall. Perfect buddies.

  4. says

    Dear Physioprof,
    I have a question:
    Over the past four months, my corner of the geology blogosphere has been steadily growing darker as all the former bloggers migrate to something called twitter. The insightful comments on cutting edge science, eloquent explanations of terrestrial activity, and fantastic illustrations of natural processes have all been replaced by the sounds of birds.

    Given the recent level of activity, you’d think that the Earth was a dead planet like the moon. The last non-climate geoscience-related psot on took place on July 6- something about dinosaurs. Is the blog format dead as a way of informing other scientists and the public about science? Should I join the flock and fly south into the winter of sound-byte reactions? What is a poor scietists to do?
    Advice is requested.
    Dr. Lemming

  5. Physiogroupie IV says

    Twitter is so lame. I have an account (to “follow” people) but I can’t be bothered to look at it.

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