Weapons of Mass Destruction


Jacksonville Police say they arrested a man for having weapons of mass destruction.

On Friday officers arrested Clay Stampley from a routine traffic stop. Police say Stampley was carrying a concealed weapon which turned out to be a sawed off shotgun.

After a search of a residents police say they found another sawed off shot gun. Stampley is being held on a $25,000 bond.

A dude with a motherfucking sawed-off shotgun is being charged with possession of a weapon of mass motherfucking destruction!?!?!? What the fucking fuck are these deranged cops smoking?


  1. says

    Dude, these days, a fucking paper clip can be labled a weapon of mass destruction.
    In case no one has been watching, the motherfuckers in our government, who we pay, passes fucked up legislation 40 hours a week.
    There are so many fucking fucked up laws on the books it would make the Encyclopedia look like a fucking Post It Note.

  2. jaredcormier says

    Sawed-off shotgun=WMD? Doesn’t this dilute the meaning of “mass” and “destruction” just a bit? Next they’ll start calling in biological weapons threats for dirty diapers and chemical weapons threats for spilled rubbing alcohol.

    What could they have charged me with when I had 6 venomous snakes and a gallon of formaldehyde in my trunk?

    print: Hello NSA!

  3. Pat says

    Somefuckingbody should start steriod checking these assholes that are pretending to be our “protect and serve” servants. They have become everything we didn’t want. i.e. muscle bound buzzcut troglodytes.

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