1. says

    At least in baseball there’s something to look at that makes sense. Watching soccer is like watching a couple dozen second graders running around the playground during recess.

  2. says

    But the rules are simple:
    The round has to go into the square.
    (Badly translated German proverb)

    Now Baseball, there are people in funny costumes running in circles. Don’t get me wrong it’s more fun to watch than soccer, but it doesn’t make any sense to me.

  3. Gluecypher says

    And as an added value you get to see lotsa vale-tudo fighting going on after the games (and, given the right teams even on-field). Two for the price of one. Aaaand…a socker game is over after max. 2 and a half hours (2 x overtime plus penalty). And what do 10 overweight, steroid-doped morons in funny clothes running in cicles have to do with S-P-O-R-T-S??

  4. says

    Now really, going downstairs from the fourth floor to the corner shop next door to buy a packet of cigarettes and then climbing upstairs again – that’s sports!
    Sitting in front of the telly to watch people running around – that’s entertainment.

  5. peter says

    Watching any sport is about the dumbest fucking thing anyone above the level of a fourth grader can do. What the shit, some assholes running along chasing some stupid objects around or trying to hit them with some derived farm equipment? What the fuck, you guys must have mush in your brains.

    Go, fuck your wifes, at least that gives you some exercise – if done in the proper position.
    Fucking sports, my ass…

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