Kim Kardashian Nude (UPDATED)

Who the fuck is Kim Kardashian, and why the fuck am I getting hammered with spam comments providing links to pictures of him or her nude?

UPDATE: After I published this post, the deluge of Kim Kardashian Nude comment spam ceased. Maybe the Kim Kardashian Nude spam-bots are designed to not post Kim Kardashian Nude spam comments on Web sites that appear to be their Kim Kardashian Nude competition?


  1. says

    I believe she is also famous for having an ass and has some sort of reality show (though I’ve never seen it I assume it’s everyone talking about how her ass looks or how hard her heiress life is).

    Complete waste of oxygen in my book and I have no idea why people are famous for being famous. [..gag..]

  2. says

    @ Science Bear – I’m not so sure it’s her ass. I’m pretty sure it’s her boobs. She’s the Paris Hilton of brunettes, apparently.

    She is a very attractive woman, but the fact that she’s useless to humanity really takes away from it. Give me Angelina Jolie any day.

  3. says

    Bah. Her older sister, Kourtney, is way better looking.

    I’m with Science Bear though. These “famous for being famous” people are pathetic. Case in point: Perez Hilton. Any reason this idiot couldn’t stop twittering on his cell phone to dial 911 himself when he got his ass kicked my the manager of the Black Eyed Peas?

  4. says

    No one has ever been so famous for a sex tape, your dad being OJ’s defense attorney, and your mom marrying Bruce Jenner. Pity the poor fool that opens up the email to try and find her nude photos but ends up with pictures of asswholes with arms sticking out of them.

  5. chezjake says

    pictures of asswholes

    Can’t help commenting on this typo(?).

    What’s the difference between an asswhole and a complete ass?

    If someone makes two half-assed remarks does he become an asswhole?

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