Why The Fuck Is Harry Reid The Senate Majority Leader?

There is a discussion going on right now over at Dispatches From The Culture Wars concerning what a stupid fuckwit Harry Reid is, and how the fuck someone so fucking stupid and ineffectual could get elected as the leader of the Senate Democratic caucus.

The Democratic senatorial caucus elects assholes like Reid as their leader because he is “moderate”–i.e., basically a non-deranged Republican–and there is nothing Democrats fear more than being associated with dirty fucking hippies. This is an irrational fear borne of decades of being brutally attacked by Republicans for being “liberal”, as if that is a bad thing.

Mainstream Democrats have so internalized this shit that even though the Republican Party itself is completely discredited in the eyes of the vast majority of American voters, it still has power over Democrats because it is a voice inside their heads that they can’t help but listen to.


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    Comrade, you should know enough theory by now to understand that Reid is the Senate Majority leader because the Democratic faction of the ruling class considers Reid to be a reliable guardian of their class and factional interests.

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    Absolutely. That is wholly consistent with my post. It’s just that they are wrong about him being a “reliable guardian of their class and factional interests” for exactly the reason I described.

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    Well, he is reliable leadership for their (not really secretive anymore) Rethuglican interests like, oh, stymieing any actual progressive change (re: a one-payer health insurance system for one), or actually exposing and disempowering the bankster (for one set) lobbyists or ending the wars that are unpopular with over 60% of the country.

    Need I go on?

    So maybe not really that stupid or ineffectual.

    Thanks for all you do to keep us informed.


    how the fuck someone so fucking stupid and ineffectual could get elected as the leader of the Senate Democratic caucus.

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    By and large, those that can’t do it go to teach it, and those that can do neither are politicians. Harry Reid is an exemplar of this.

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    Where is your bitching at the people of Nevada? They elected the guy, which is the only way he ever would have made Senate Majority Leader.

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    The people of Nevada know what they are doing, once you have your guy in power, no matter how much a gigantic fuck up he is, you want him to stay in power. He is in a sense an abusive husband and the state of Nevada is his deranged wife that keeps going back to the douche.

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    Couldn’t help thinking of your question when I was reading the morning’s paper about the investments in current healthcare providers by Reid, Harman, Pelosi, etc.

    We need to clean house.


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