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Why is it ZOMFG!DISASTER!!ELEVENTY!11111!!! that Sotomayor’s experiences as a Latina woman might influence her judicial decisionmaking, but it is HUNKY!DORY!TOTES!AWESOME!111!!BAJILLION!!1111! that the experiences as white d00dz of all the fucking white d00dz on the Supreme Court influence theirs? Oh, right. It’s because white d00dz are normal people, and Latina women are exotic illegitimate interlopers.

What are the chances that anyone in the mainstream right-wing sack-licking coporate media will draw attention to this completely obvious morally and pragmatically bankrupt basis for sleazy Republican attacks on Sotomayor?


  1. says

    The chances are nil because it’s TOO fucking obvious! Remember, this is the same outfit that got in line for the run into Iraq. Forest for the trees. Or shills for fees!

  2. says

    If you want to feel better, you need to watch the Daily Show and Keith Olbermann. Stop torturing yourself with Fox News.

  3. JThompson says

    Sexism is so ingrained that any attempt to remove even the tiniest amount of male privilege elicits shrieks of outrage by those same males.

    At this point you can pretty much say “Woman.” in public and some jerkoff will start hollering “What about the d00dz! Reverse-Sexism!”.

    I’ll become concerned about reverse-sexism the second every single woman in this country takes up a boxcutter and starts castrating every single fucking man they come across and not a second before.

  4. says

    and then there was the neanderthal who proudly professed that he doesn’t “trust anything that bleeds for 5 days and doesn’t die” in a local Sotomayor discussion. yeah he was a real manly man, that one.

    you can bet i made him wish he hadn’t gotten out of bed that day.

  5. Gingerale says

    To CPP, Leigh, and others who Actually! Speak! Up!

    Yes. Thank you. You make it easier for more of us to keep speaking up — or even to start speaking up, as the case may be.

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