Randy Johnson looks really choked up and humbled at reaching 300 wins. And with a great sense of humor, he said, “I only have 211 to reach Cy Young!” What’s up with that fucking soul patch, though? Dude, you’re 45. Stick with a goatee.


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    Apparently no birds were harmed in tonight’s victory. It was cool to watch though, he may be the last 300 game winner we see for a long while. But I agree about the soul patch, he looks like some dirty aged 70’s porn star with thing.

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    —“But I agree about the soul patch, he looks like some dirty aged 70’s porn star with thing”—

    Dude, have you taken a good look at him without the soul patch?
    Have you taken a good look at his name?
    Or at his nickname, The Big Unit?
    What about any of the above doesn’t suggest 70’s porn star?
    I think the soul patch works for him. Heck, 300 wins and most of them in the roid era…he can do whatever he fucking likes. Total freaking stud.

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    I liked the interview, I’ve never heard him speak before.

    Also, I don’t think you have right to criticize ANYONE named The Big Unit. Unless, you know, CPP, you think you could pitch better than him.

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    Dude! CPP would totally throw at the Big Unit’s head when that phreak grabbed his bat.

    Time for a little Eine Kleine Chinmusik.

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    He got the nickname from his teammate Tim Raines after they ran into each other. All I can say was during the late 90’s early 00’s he was sickest pitcher in the national league and even birds feared him after he destroyed one in midair.

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