Rules of Life

When you are dressing to go out on Saturday evening, and your partner/spouse/whothefuckever asks you how what he or she is wearing looks, for fuck’s sake, don’t say it looks like it doesn’t match.


  1. Anonymous says

    My first response was actually it was PP that made the comment about PW’s attire and got in trouble — either PP got criticized harshly about his lack-of-taste-and-judgment or that PP now has to be dragged to the store to get new “matched” pieces…

  2. says

    But what if it doesn’t match and you don’t want to spend a Saturday night with someone wearing navy blue and dark brown?

  3. says


    What!? Navy blue and brown don’t match!?!?

    First I can’t wear green stripes with blue plaid, then you can’t wear plaid and plaid, then I find out that blue and green don’t always go together, and now navy blue and brown don’t match!?

    Can someone who understands this shit please be so kind as to write me, and the rest of us mismatched bastards, a motherfucking algorithm?

  4. says

    I think that PP’s posting of himself in a “hilarious” hoodie, combined with this post seals his role as fashion icon. Maybe he’ll start consulting on my shoe of the week.

  5. mac says


    Are our clothes supposed to match? Dangit, now I know why I can’t seem to get anywhere with the ladies, I don’t match !!

  6. bustedsbro says

    If my wife asks me at any time what I think about how she looks it’s always, always you look beautiful even if she just got done rolling in dirt. If she doesn’t like my fashion sense then I change, hell I have lots of clothes. If I want to be kicked in the nuts all I have to do is ask. So I try not to. It takes less time to change then it does for the swelling to go down.


  7. says

    The sweater I’m knitting for the bf is navy blue, black, and brown stripes. It looks great and will match everything. lol

  8. antipodean says

    Dear American Couples

    Stop dressing in matching outfits. Because, in addition to your unfathomable need to wear white sports shoes with jeans, you look like total tools.

  9. says

    As usual, your rules are misleading and dangerous. Thinking is better than rules.

    For instance, it could be a test of some kind. If you follow the rule, you fail the test.

    Seriously, you’ve got to rethink this rule thing.

  10. diningphilosophers says

    Jeez, really? It seems like it’d be useful to me! I mean, assuming it was coupled with a suggestion, e.g. “Don’t know if that matches very well — I think [x] would look good with it instead.”

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