So let me get this straight.

Pursuant to getting bailed out by the United States government, the CEO of General Motors, Wagoner, is forced to resign his position, even though he had agreed to take a salary of $1. And he was a lifetime GM company schlub, who spent decades working his way up to CEO after starting as some kind of fucking accounting functionary.

But the CEO of Chrysler–also getting its sorry ass bailed out by the US government, Nardelli, gets to stay. Nardelli is your typical master-of-the-universe corporate raider sleazeball, who has flitted from company to company, fucking up everything in his path in exchange for obscene BOD reacharounds.

Nice fucking optics there.


CPP is equal to the creationist. It’s uncanny how similar the mindsets really are. Both are filled with assertions and prefer to rely upon popularity over actual content. There is no debate about creationism in a church, and there is no debate on sexism on feminist blog church.

Creationists are constantly offering to do so, but they and most other prominent scientists have a policy of refusing. Why won’t they defend their positions? And why won’t evolutionists allow their theories to be discussed in the classroom? They love to express their beliefs, but it ends when you present counterpoints.

This is so fucking awesome! A white-d00d high-school debate-team loon and a wackadoodle religious-fuckwit creationist loon commenting one after the other on the same fucking thread, and they both think Comrade PhysioProf SUCKS!!