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This article in the LA Times describes a “peaceful clash” between demonstrators supporting humane necessary animal research and counterdemonstrators opposing humane necessary animal research, and to at least some extent characterizes humane necessary biomedical research using animals in a skewed fashion. There is a poll at the end of the article that asks “Can medical research on animals be conducted humanely?” Go make your voice heard.


  1. says

    What is with these fuckheads?
    Do they reject medically necessary treatment that may save their lives, if it’s been tested on animals?
    Probably not, my guess is they only protest animal research because they’re still healthy.
    I don’t mind vegans, it’s a personal choice, but anyone who’d rather see a person die than an animal is just a scumbag, imo.

  2. leah says

    You know…I work on medulloblastoma and the only way to study that is in mice (can’t really take tumors and normal tissue controls from kids). Would they rather I don’t study it and let kids suffer and die, or research on mice?

    I work with pleeeeeenty of vegeterians and vegans, and animal rights is very important to me, too. There are lots of people in biomedical research who respect the rights of animals, and thank yer lucky stars for that too, because we’re the ones who make sure it is humane and as rare as possible.

  3. says

    Irrespective of the impact that animal research has had on medical advancements for human diseases, the animal rights advocates also conveniently forget that a lot of these treatments are also used to treat and save the lives of animals.

    Heart failure meds and surgery? Also used in veterinary medicine.

    Chemotherapy? Also used in veterinary medicine.

    Orthopedic surgery? Also used in veterinary medicine.

    Research animals are not merely used sacrificed to benefit human health – the findings from these studies also help other animals.

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