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    YEAH, that’s a real good one. My favorite quote :

    “They asked me if I’d ever pitched before, and I said, ‘Yeah,'” Swisher said. “I went to go grab my glove and had to take off my wristbands.”

    Had to take off his motherfucking wristbands…

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    Jesus I had visions of Jose Canseco hurting his arm while pitching in a blow out.

    Of course, not even preserving Nick Swisher will save this crap start.

    *sighs the sigh of a Yankee fan living among the mouth breathing “we’ah fackin’ great Red Sawx NATION GO CURT SCHILLING BLADDY SAWCK!”*

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    Been a Yankee fan since 1989. Those wonderful years of Mattingly’s decline and the great pitching of Andy Hawkins, who threw an 8 inning no-hitter and lost on walks and errors. Can still remember my first ever MLB game at the Stadium.

    Kinda soured on all baseball after the strike (hmm, who was leading the AL East then? Motherfuckers.)

    And don’t even get my started on Wayne Fucking Tolleson at 3rd base.

  4. chezjake says

    My first ever trip to a major league ball park was to Yankee Stadium back around 1951. I had the dubious privilege of watching Allie Reynolds set the record (at that time) for the most pitches hit foul. Bored out of my skull — haven’t been to a major league game since, and always root against the Yankees.

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    Swisher is pitching?

    Hot damn!! Is he any good?

    (When he got traded a couple of years ago, the team that dealt him was hurting for pitching. Still is.)

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    Swisher is pitching?

    Hot damn!! Is he any good?

    After every fucking relief pitcher except for Mariano was used, Girardi walked up to the front of the dugout and said, “Yo! Any of you motherfuckers ever pitch?” And Swisher was all like, “Fuck, yeah! I’ll pitch!”

  7. Hap says

    1) I thought Hawkins’ no-hitter was no more – MLB rejiggered the no-hitter definition, and it was excluded. 4 runs, no hits.

    2) I’m really sorry for the Yankees, being another Red Sox fan, though I have to wonder what the hell is happening to Wang – I’m assuming it’s not Ankiel Syndrome, but that would imply that something’s really wrong.

    3) The Canseco thing would be on my mind too – could you at least have a reserve catcher pitch or something? At least they didn’t whip out Texeira.

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    True, Hawkins’s no-hitter is not officially regarded as a no hitter in the record books. It’s gotta be 9 innings to be considered a no-no.

    Another good story related to this is from my first trip to Yankee stadium. Andy Hawkins was actually pitching that game, and he stunk it up. Gave up a home run to Joe Carter, when he was an Indian.

    All of a sudden, behind us in our upper deck seats, a Brooklyn accented voice booms out, “Hawkins, you fuckin blow me, you suck, get the fuck off the field!”

    Us in our lilywhite suburban skins turn around meekly, to see who our esteemed declaimer is:

    It’s a 12 yr old kid.

    So classic.


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    Given yesterday’s epic collapse, perhaps Swisher should pitch more often.

    My thoughts exactly. What a fucking epic fail by Cashman to think that you can survive without really solid middle relievers.

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    What a fucking epic fail by Cashman to think that you can survive without really solid middle relievers.

    What’s doubly pathetic is that same exact story played out with their neighbors, the Metropolitans, last year. Toronto and Baltimore in first and second. That won’t last forever but it is amusing!

  11. Hap says

    There aren’t enough solid middle relievers, and maybe the Yankees are actually running out of money. Their starters were no great shakes last year, so reinforcing that would seem like a good idea (no starters, then all that middle relief money isn’t going to be of much use to them (though they could be tradeable commodities if you really suck).

    I’m sorry I called you an assweasel though – that was uncalled for. You could have been one of those who didn’t like the bailouts under W and Obama, in which you would be consistent (though I figure that not all of those who protested fit into that category). Still, it was overly rude.

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