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If you were stranded on a desert island with an unlimited supply of only one alcoholic beverage and one food item, what would they be?

UPDATE: You get to have your alcoholic beverage and your food served at the appropriate temperatues and with ice cubes as necessary.


  1. Enrique says

    It is really funny you posted this, because I was thinking about it this morning. They may not go well together, but Stone IPA and Cioppino.

  2. says

    Do we get a fridge or some guarantee that the alcohol will be at the correct temperature? ‘Cause warm vodka is a vile abomination.

    As for food, I could probably survive on a diet of banana nut bread.

  3. says

    Vodka and cheese enchiladas. I mean, vodka for the beverage and cheese enchiladas for the food item, not vodka-and-cheese enchiladas, although . . . hmm!

  4. says

    Wine, where “wine” = wine that costs at least $20 a bot and is compatible with organic cheese tortellini with alfredo sauce, peas, and mushrooms, and a homegrown tomato and arugula salad, and a brownie with vanilla ice cream. That sounds like a lot of stuff, but it should count as one food item because fewer than 3 courses is barbaric.

    Or, if you insist, shrimp corndogs with blueberry mustard and Dom Perignon.

  5. says

    Drink: Long Island iced tea
    Food: A noodle dish from my home country (although chocolate would be good, too)

    CPP, you gonna tell us your picks?

  6. JenniferRuth says

    Southern Comfort and Spaghetti Bolognese

    Probably wouldn’t go too well together though.

  7. says

    Whisky sour and any food, where something bread-like is filled with meat and veg, like tacos, tortillas, hamburgers. Or maybe falafel in pita bread.
    The thought of having to survive without coffee freaks me out, so I insist, that it’s part of the meal.

  8. says

    Nice distraction technique CPP.

    Isabel, I know I could never distract you from your wackaloon obsession with oppressed white d00ds. However, I do need to throw my other readers a bone now and then.

  9. says

    To drink, real ale, and probably a lightish one because desert islands are hot. Hop Back Summer Lightning would do. To eat, a good ploughman’s lunch: still-warm wholemeal bread, a chunk of Cashel Blue cheese, homemade chutney and a russet apple.

    (Ploughman’s lunch is just bread and cheese accompanied by pickles and/or salads and an apple. It appears on most pub menus in the UK and is an excellent barometer of whether the pub is good or shit. A crap pub will give you a revolting slimy sandwich of grated cheddar accompanied by a golden delicious and some coleslaw that tastes of PVA glue; a good pub will bother to source fresh local ingredients.)

  10. juniorprof says

    Gewurztraminer and veggie duck (yes, its tofu duck that tastes better than real duck) in coconut curry flown in from ChuChai in Montreal. I’m ready to get stranded just thinking about it!!

  11. says

    I’m unsure about the food item, but the alcoholic beverage would definitely be a Dirty Martini (made with dry gin and extra olives, served straight up in a chilled glass).

    The food item would be trickier, and I attempting to find one item that would keep me alive the longest, or more of a last meal kind of approach? That would make a huge difference on my answer.

  12. cicely says

    Screwdrivers and pork loin wrapped in bacon.

    A relative bargain for whoever is in charge of supply, since my gall bladder would explode in pretty short order, but hey, we’re doing fantasy, right?

  13. says

    For food, I would have to say Aybla’s gyros with feta – I could eat those motherfuckers all damned day. But instead of booze, could I just have my meds and water? Because I would really much rather have my pills and it would probably be a bad idea to drink alcohol with them.

    If not, I would take Basil Haydon straight, preferably slightly chilled.

  14. eb says

    Where are the wine drinkers?

    A very fine bottle of the best cab Napa Valley has to offer and a peanut butter and jelly sammich.

  15. yolio says

    champagne and pizza. probably a margharita pizza w/ a few extra veggies (broccoli? spinach?) for nutritional reasons.

  16. says

    Tanqueray (with tonic — NOT Canada Dry — and lime, if possible); and broccoli. Or turkey jerky. I could live on either one and not get tired of it.

  17. says

    As a non-drinker, I reserve the right to substitute the alcohol beverage for a non-alcohol alternative …

    Me, too. Coke Zero and chicken and black bean burritos.

  18. says

    I see how it is asshole! Daisy can get her weed, but I don’t get my pills and am stuck with fucking kick-ass bourbon instead…Fuck that, if I can’t have my pills, I want to switch my choice to fucking weed!!!

  19. leah says

    The finest pinot noir that can be found and chili cheese fries from the Town Hall in Minneapolis.

  20. says

    I don’t even know what some of this shit is: Hacker-Pschorr, Blanton’s, Nutrayeast?!?

    I’d ordinarily go for Carbombs, but that’s too heavy for long-term beach drinking, so I’ll go with Amstel Light instead. Refreshing, most importantly, and I’ll hear nothing about it being a girly drink, because three of those will do me just fine.

    Also, macaroni and cheese, the homemade kind, with pepperjack and cheddar.

  21. says

    I’ll just take the pills and gyros then thanks.

    Did I mention that these are the best fucking gryos in the motherfucking world?

  22. says

    For the sake of originality, I’ll have to avoid mention of sushi and sake, although I agree, however, considering this is an island, and I do know how to capture fish. I will instead defer to guaro (hint:Costa Rica) and ceviche de pulpo.

  23. leigh says

    i want some long islands and some fried cheese curds. (fried cheese curds are quite possibly the best drunk food EVER.)

  24. says


    I’ve never had fried cheese curds, but the mention of cheese curds is tempting me to change my answer to poutine with bacon. Of course, then I’d also probably need a supply of statins on the island.

  25. Sven DiMilo says

    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.
    Some of Daisy’s weed.
    And, uh…food…maybe a decent sausage pizza?

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