Note To “Moderate” Republicans

It’s so funny when people try to act like there is even the slightest bit of reason remaining in what passes for the right-wing in this country. Here’s a hint: If you think of yourself as some kind of rational moderate right-winger, you need to start a new political party. The Republican Party is nothing more than a refuge for deranged racist, misogynist, theocratic, neo-feudal wackaloon nutjobs. To the extent that there may have been–at some point–something even remotely decent there, it is gone.

Oh, and one other thing, enough with the manly Randian fantasy shit. Other than to a bunch of 14 year-old pimple-face dudes wacking off at how virile and powerful they are, it just makes you look fucking stupid.



  1. says


    Dude, can you get a fucking RSS feed, please? I cannot do all this clicking to read blogs one at a time, it hurts my finger.

  2. who me? says

    Who are these cretins complaining about rss feeds?

    ‘Dude’? If you’re young enough to use that word, you should be computer literate enough to find the damn rss feed with having that fed to you as well….

    All that Rush-listening must be polluting your head.

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    What’s hysterical is how after that congressman had to do the grovel dance after insulting Rush, Steele went ahead and insulted Rush. At the time I thought, “Wow, he can’t possibly be ignorant that Rush demands total fealty, so this must have been a deliberate effort to regain control of the party.”

    Then of course after Steele had properly humbled himself and apologized to Rush for calling him an “entertainer” (gasp!), I thought, “No, he was just ignorant.” The Dems, to their credit, have finally figured out that they can use this.

  4. says

    Yes. Some well-intentioned folks would have us believe they are “working for change from within” or some shit like that.

    Hello? it isn’t working. Vote with your feet.

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