Comrade PhysioProf’s ScienceBlogs Upgrade PARTAY!1!!!!11!!!!111!!!

As some of you may be aware, ScienceBlogs is upgrading its software to Movable Type 4, whatever the fuck that is. Accordingly, ScienceBlogs blogs will be locked down–no new posts or comments–from 1PM today (Friday) through tomorrow afternoon (if all goes well). While this shit goes on behind the scenes, we are gonna shake some motherfucking bootay here at Comrade PhysioProf with guest posts from some ass-kicking ScienceBlogs motherfuckers. Here are links to these guest posts, or you can just scroll down to check shit out.

Greg Laden of Greg Laden’s Blog posts on Lessons From The Minnesota Senate Race. Greg has been the go-to guy on the continuing saga of the Franken-Coleman recount, and we are lucky to have his detailed thoughts on this fascinating political situation.

PalMD of Denialism Blog and White Coat Underground posts on Sanjay Gupta as Surgeon General. PalMD is a physician who blogs on issues of medicine and medical denialism, such as “alternative medicine”.

The Intern of ScienceBlogs posts on The Intern From Area 51. The Intern does all kinds of crazy shit to keep ScienceBlogs running smoothly, and also prevents ScienceBloggers from killing one another.

Dr. Isis the Scientist posts on Dr. Isis Joins The Partay!!11! Dr. Isis is a physiologist and shoe aficionado, and blogs about many fascinating issues, including physiology, shoes, and how to succeed in science.

One of the Reveres from Effect Measure posts on Politicization of the Centers for Disease Control. The Reveres blog at Effect Measure about public health, politics, and being a Dirty Fucking Hippy back in the sixties.

JLK from Pieces of Me has provided an awesome fucking jambalaya recipe. JLK blogs about academia, psychology and other cool shit.

Abel Phuckwit from Terra Sigilatta posts on some North Carolina Political Crap. Abel blogs about pharmacological stuff and other stuff, too.

Dr. Free-Ride (aka JD “SG” Stemwedel) from Adventures in Ethics and Science posts on Peeing At Night. Janet blogs about ethics, science, sprogging, etc.

Greg Laden: Lessons from the Minnesota Senate Race

You already know that the race between Al Franken and Norm Coleman for Senator in Minnesota has been vitriolic, close, and ultimately, required a recount that has only just ended. I experienced the Minnesota Senate Race firsthand, as a campaign volunteer, a recount volunteer, and as a member of an on the spot (if not always on the scene) cadre of dedicated bloggers and abloggers (See footnote). Comrade Physioprof has asked me to contribute to his Guest Blog Bacchanal by saying a few words about that experience.

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PalMD: Sanjay Gupta As Surgeon General


I must say that despite your eloquent protestations to the contrary, Sanjay Gupta is a brilliant choice for Surgeon General. One cannot expect ideologic purity from a political appointment, even one as critical as the chief public health officer. While he may, in fact, be “teh suxxorz”, he is an excellent communicator, and one of the few physicians in the public eye who has not yet succumbed to Oprahfication. His transgressions so far are mere pecadillos (what journalist could say “no” to alien clones, after all!).

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Possible Obama picks: Sanjay Gupta for surgeon general and Francis Collins for NIH director. (h/t Bora)

WAIT! WUT!?!?!?!?!? Sanjay Motherfucking Gupta for surgeon general!?!?!?!? Isn’t he just a handsome talking head teevee asshole with an MD??????? Doesn’t the surgeon general have to, like, be in charge of some shit???????? Collins may be a wackaloon sky-fairy aficionado, but at least he’s proven he knows how to be in charge of shit.

UPDATE: I have been informed that the surgeon general is not in charge of any shit, and is just supposed to encourage everyone to really behave healthily. So I guess Gupta will make a great surgeon general. SORRY SANJAY! w00t!!!!!!!!11!!!1!!!11!!

UPDATE II: Turns out I was fucking correct in the first place, after having been re-corrected by an actual motherfucking SURGEON,Orac of Respecful Insolence:

In brief, the Surgeon General is the chief medical officer for the 6,000 strong Commissioned Corps of the US Public Health Service. It is also an advisory position, being the primary medical science advisor to the Assistant Secretary for Health, who in turn is the principal advisor to the Secretary of Health and Human Services on public health and scientific issues.

And Orac agrees with my take on Gupta:

He’s too young and has no experience as the administrator of a large organization, with his academic rank being only Assistant Professor of Surgery. Being Associate Chief of the Neurosurgery Service at Grady Memorial Hospital isn’t the same thing.

Sanjay is teh SUXX00RS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!11!

E – A – G – L – E – S! !!!!111!!111111!!


My favorite play of the game was during the Samuels pick-six, number 81 on the defense put a MASSIVE block on some dude right near the endzone and just smashed him to the ground! I loved that shit!! w00t!!!! Anybody know who that motherfucker #81 is??

Update: HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Disgruntled Vikings fans have already started FIRE CHILDRESS threads on their message boards! HAHAHAHAH! Those poor Vikings fans have been calling for his firing for years! HAHAHAHAH!

The Rose Bowl

Comrade PhysioProf loves college football and is fucking thrilled to watch the Rose Bowl. But it bugs the living shit out of me how they turn the beginning of each of these awesome sports events into a bogus jingoistic militaristic display. What the fuck does a motherfucking stealth bomber and fake artillery fire have to do with motherfucking college football!?!?!?